We build email newsletter businesses to order

Own and leverage a self funding niche media business aligned perfectly with your core business


tick Niche audience you own

tick Self funding after initial investment

tick Potential 8 figure valuation in 3 years


Do you struggle with?

  • Building an audience to promote your business?

  • Finding leads for your business?

  • Maintaining a relationship with leads or customers?


Find and nurture your ideal customers with a self funding niche newsletter


Subscriber acquisition

Our lead generation experts will help to grow the number of subscribers at the lowest possible cost.


Newsletter production

We use our own proprietary technology to collect news and information your audience wants.


Newsletter monetization

We will maximise the revenue generated per subscriber to ensure the business is profitable as quickly as possible.

Packages & Pricing

Monthly costs exclude ad spend (typically around the same investment as our fee per month).


Phase 1

Build Your


Identify and validate the niche, identify sources, build prototype of newsletter to help you get internal buy-in or raise external finance.


Phase 2

Validate Your


We can turn on the newsletter publication process, help find initial subscribers and start to monitise the newsletter from day one.


Phase 3

Grow Your Newsletter


We will work to get more subscribers for less, create even better newsletters and increase the revenue per subscriber.

 How it Works


1. Build an audience

At the core is an audience of people who want to consume your newsletter to know more about what they care about.


2. Sell more stuff

You can sponsor the newsletter and leverage the audience to promote what you sell.


3. Own a valuable media business

As your list grows so does the enterprise value of your business. Niche media businesses are selling for $10m+ in as little 10 months.

We do one thing really well

At Build the Media, we know you want to be the best in the world at what you do. In order to do that, you need to be the best in the world at attracting and nurturing leads. The problem is you struggle to find people who are interested in buying what you sell. Which can make you feel frustrated when you throw money at marketing that doesn't deliver.

We believe the secret to generating and nurturing leads is to own a niche media business targeted at your ideal customer.

We understand that writing an 8 figure check to buy an existing niche media business media is a scary thought. That is why we created our built-to-order media company builder service for a fraction of what it costs to buy one.

Here is how it works: we build you an engaged list of your ideal customers, you leverage the audience to promote and grow your business, then sit back and watch the enterprise value of your new media company grow as the audience grows.

So book a call with us to discuss if there is a good fit for us to work together.

Then you can stop wasting any more of your marketing budget on things that never quite deliver what you want and start building your own niche media business.


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